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EVE by Snowhitewolf EVE by Snowhitewolf
base - [link]

Yeah I know, base re-using, but I couldn't find another one with a good pose and expression that worked for her. Anyway, this is EVE, one of the antagonists from my story, Defect. She is the queen of an undead race of creatures called The Vox, which have some overdeveloped part of the brain that causes them to emit gibbering voices telepathically (EVE is the most powerful telepath)
She was the daughter of the CEO of BRACHOTECH (Which runs everything in my story) but she had died while in the womb and was hence, born dead, but technically since she was born, she was also alive. Her father assigned a group of scientists to try and keep her comfortable and find a possible cure, but they weren't expecting her to have an extremely powerful telepathic abilities, which drove five of her keepers to suicide (they were resurrected as the first Vox, and are the most powerful and the most loyal) In a fit of desperation and fear, her father sealed her and her comrades on a distant moon called Necros (pronounced NEH-CROSS) where foolish travelers continued to add to the population of the Vox until it became a problem.
She has a younger sister, named Caitlin (Cait for short) who also possesses powerful telepathic abilities. (She however, is not dead.) But was locked away by her father who wanted to see if experimenting on his daughter would find a cure for his first one. He also attempted to adapt her DNA to make telepathic soldiers, but it was a failure.
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September 22, 2012
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